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I'm letting go of a few of my Tokidoki shirts & a bracelet [26 Sep 2014|05:51pm]

This is my first time posting here. I have decided to sell a few of my Tokidoki shirts and a Unicornio bracelet. A couple of the shirts are Tokidoki x Hello Kitty.

My Tokidoki eBay listings are here

Right now shipping is to the US because of shipping costs and trying to avoid 3rd party overseas shippers. If these do not sell I may list them on Storenvy and could ship overseas then.
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Tokidoki Inferno Mamma Mia 4 Sale!!! [14 Sep 2014|02:59pm]


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This is a gently used Tokidoki Inferno Mamma Mia, originally bought from a reputable seller in Hong Kong. I bought it several years ago and have used it only a few times.

It is authentic—has the LeSportSac embossed on the handle, rainbow metal zipper, character imprint on the main zipper, "riri M6" on the backside of the rainbow zipper, and the large decorative ball chain. Unfortunately, it is missing the Adios qee which was lost a long time ago.

The outside is in GREAT condition, and the only wear and tear is a few ink spots on the inside of the bag that are hardly noticeable and probably easily removed. The carabiner clip inside is a tiny bit scruffed up, but otherwise the bag is clean.

I'm asking $90 (shipping included) or, should the listing go unsold, best offer.

(I'm asking my mother to post this to her ebay account, as I know it's shady when someone tries to sell a tokidoki bag who doesn't have an older account. I'll link when she posts it, but thought I'd also post here just in case anyone is still around livejournal looking for a bag...)
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ISO [03 Sep 2013|10:04am]

This community seems a bit dead but is there anyone out there who has a Canguro for sale? Preferably below eBay prices?
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DS: TokiDoki for LeSportsac Bag [18 Jun 2013|08:35am]


Feedback: eBay | etsy | eglfeedback
Payment: Paypal only
Ships to: Worldwide!

front | back | inside

TokiDoki for LeSportsac Bag Spring 2006 (Original print)
$75usd OBO

I believe this is the small version (Stellina?). It's in very good condition. There are some light dirt marks on the back - barely noticeable. I'm not sure what happened to the Qee, unfortunately. :c I have a different Qee keychain I can throw in if you'd like.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to ask!
I'll consider all reasonable offers!
Thank-you for looking~ ♡
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FS or FT: Unicorno Metallo and Adios Phonezies [18 Apr 2013|12:35am]

Will trade these for;
Stellina, Dolce, Sakura, Bellina.

Gladly trade for any of the donut series blind boxes, too.

Or $10 for Metallo, $5 for Adios. Prices dont include shipping.
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Selling/Trading Tokidoki Unicorno [28 Mar 2013|07:54pm]

I got two of the Sakura Tokidoki Unicornos for my birthday so I'm willing to sell or trade one. I'd be willing to sell it for $22 shipped within the USA and I'm willing to trade for Prima Donna, Caramelo, or Mario. I'm also willing to trade for Hetalia merchandise. I have a Hetalia wishlist, but I'm willing to look at anything really. If you have anything Hetalia related you're willing to trade then let me know. ^_^
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PIRATA LUNA BAG [15 Jul 2012|09:40am]

Hi everyone, I'm selling my Pirata Luna holdall/travel bag. Auction starts at only £50 (is elsewhere on eBay for £200+)

Link to auction & more pics here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/180928648614?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

I will ship internationally. If you have any problems bidding on the item please do let me know as I may have to adjust my settings on eBay!

Thank you
x x x x
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ISO: nautical shorts [03 Jul 2012|04:31am]


Is anyone selling these shorts? I can buy for them by Paypal asap! Thanks.
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Selling tokidoki for hello kitty wallet and boston bag. Also a backpack [27 Apr 2012|05:49pm]

give me a best offer!

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Want to buy: Pegaso print! [14 Apr 2012|07:30pm]

Hi there!

I'm looking for bags in the Pegaso or Pantera prints as well as any pegaso or unicorno FOBs. I realize this is a few years old, but I thought I'd try anyway. :D
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selling gently used tokidoki items [22 Feb 2012|05:51pm]

Hey everyone!  Im looking to give some of my Tokidoki things a new home.
Take a look.  See anything you like, please leave me a message!
Please click my user name/picture.

P.S. Im new at this so Im still learning all the bits and bites of this place.  Sorry for no direct link =p
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Still looking for.... [20 Feb 2012|09:52pm]

A braccialetto!

Show me what you have!

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WTB: Tokidoki L'amore, Citta, Citta Rosa Zucca, Stellina, or Gioco [31 Jan 2012|06:14pm]

Looking for a Tokidoki L'amore Zucca or Stellina with Adios and Ciao Ciao on the front. And also looking for a Citta Rosa Zucca, Stellina, or Gioco. I don't want to spend more then $200 for it. Please PM me with asking price and pictures and condition. Thanks!
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2 tokidoki shirts & 2 cactus pups for sale [29 Jan 2012|02:31pm]

Feel free to make offers.
Prices do not include shipping. I ship worldwide from the US
Paypal only

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Selling: SDCC 2011 Exclusive - Tokidoki Unicorno Silver Prima Donna [08 Jan 2012|12:48pm]


Selling: SDCC 2011 Exclusive - Tokidoki Unicorno Silver Prima Donna

DETAILS...Collapse )
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WTB: Corriere [14 Dec 2011|01:03am]

Hi, I'm looking to buy a tokidoki lesportsac corriere used or new, preferably in inferno print but I'll consider other prints too. If you have one for sale please send pictures and asking price. Thanks!
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wanting to buy [13 Dec 2011|12:47pm]

i'm looking for a tokidoki crossbody/hobo type bag
please let me know if you're selling one, i'll look at everything~
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Wanting to buy [02 Nov 2011|04:44pm]


Is anyone selling these shorts? I had a pair that I bought years ago, but I can't find them now :( I can pay by paypal asap, thanks!
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Selling Tokidoki bag! [28 Oct 2011|05:07pm]

Selling authentic Tokidoki for Lesportsac bag for only $1 on eBay!

Auction is ending in an hour so please check it out! :) I'm moving overseas so am selling everything. I originally got this bag for $250 and it's going to go for a steal so don't miss it! Will ship internationally. Thanks for looking!
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FS; 3 shirts, 2 figures, 1 necklace [01 Oct 2011|05:55pm]

NO TRADES! Please don't tempt me, I need money for bills =[
Feel free to make offers on anything, prices are negotiable.
I only accept paypal currently. I ship worldwide from the US. Prices do not include shipping.

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